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Oklahoma Westie Rescue will consider adoptive families in most states and other countries. Our goal is to make the best rescue match taking into consideration the dog's background and your family's needs. Every dog is different: personality, temperament, energy, comfort with kids and other animals, medical needs and more. We consider all these factors when making a furever-home match. We are very careful about the placements we make. We do our best to match the right dog with the right adoptive home because we want this to be the pet's permanent home.

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Oklahoma Westie Rescue has a specific way we do our application process. Please read the steps carefully and be patient with us. You will recieve updates as you go through the application process. We cant wait to help you find your next fur-baby!

1. Apply

We appreciate you wanting to bring a dog into your home. In order for us to find the right pet for you, we need you to submit an adoption application.

2. Review

We will review your application upon receipt. If we have any questions or concerns, we will contact you for clarity.

3. Reference & Vet Check

Once we have reviewed your application and have decided to move forward, we will check your personal and vet references. 

4. Home Visit

Once we have checked your personal and vet references and decided to proceed with your application, a Oklahoma Westie Rescue volunteer will reach out to you to schedule a home visit to meet in person or by video call. During the home visit, we will look at your backyard, where the dog will be staying, and talk with you about dog-related things. 

5. Finding Your Pet

Once approved to adopt, the search for your dog begins. You will be invited to our weekly event, and from there, we can help you find your fur-ever dog! We would also be open to discussing dogs in our care that you are also specifically interested in.



  • The application process can take up to 2-3 weeks
  • Let your references know we will be calling to speed up the process
  • Please fill out all the application questions
  • Do not use family members as your references
  • If you are under 21 or over 80 years old, we require a co-applicant
  • Oklahoma Westie Rescue is a 100% volunteer, non-profit organization. We will make every effort to schedule your home visit promptly. Please be patient with us…the dog needs our time, too
  • All dogs are spayed/neutered, microchipped, and up-to-date on all shots before adoption
  • Adoption fees range from $250 to $800, based on the age and health of each animal

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