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Oklahoma Westie Rescue (OWR) will consider applicants from most states, if you are willing to travel to Oklahoma to pick up your pet.   OWR DOES NOT  recommend the adoption of terriers to homes with children under the age of 10, but we will consider each situation individually.  It is preferred that all applicants have a fenced yard, but this is not required.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.

We do not ship our pets. Be prepared to travel to Tulsa, OK, or Oklahoma City, OK, to pick up the dog(s) in person if your application is approved.

Please review What is a Westie BEFORE submitting this application. Click here for Available Westies.


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Would you Consider Adopting a Westie mix?

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How did you learn about Oklahoma Westie Rescue (OWR)?
Saw OWR at PetSmart Internet/Petfinder/OWR web site

Your Home
Apartment Condominium Duplex Townhouse Home

How long have you lived there? Years

Do you have a totally fenced yard? YES NO
If yes, what type of fence?

Do you have a POOL HOT TUB
If yes, is it separated from the dog area by a fence? YES NO

How many people live in your home? Adults Children
Ages of children

Do you currently own any pets? YES NO
If yes, please describe EACH pet in detail below including type of pet, breed, name, age, size, gender, and health?

Tell Us Your Plans

Who will be the dog's primary caregiver?

Does he/she have experience with dogs? YES NO

Is anyone home during the absence of the primary caregiver? YES NO

How long will the dog be without humans each day?  Evening?

Where will the dog be when home alone?
In a Crate
In One Room In a Bedroom In the Basement
Loose in the House In the Yard

Where will the dog sleep at night?
In a Crate
In One Room In a Bedroom In the Basement
Loose in the House In the Yard

How do you plan to exercise the dog?

Does your job require frequent out-of-town travel? YES NO
What is your care plan for travel times?

What will you do with the dog if you move?

May we visit your home? YES NO

Are you committed to caring for a dog for its lifespan? YES NO
(Westies can live as long as 17-18 years)

Are you willing and able to support a dog? YES NO
For a healthy dog, costs of veterinary care (shots, flea and heartworm preventative), food, toys and minimal boarding and grooming can cost $500-$700 per year.

We require all Westies to be spayed/neutered. Do you have any reservations about this policy?

Have you ever sold or given away a pet to anyone or surrendered one to a shelter?
If yes, please provide details.

Where would you house your new pet?
If Both, explain:

Have you ever lived with a Westie?

Have you ever owned a terrier?
If yes, which breed?

Have you ever trained a dog?
If yes, give details:

Personal References (If you do not list a minimum of 3 personal references your application will be automatically denied)

Please list three personal references (not related to you).
Include Name/Relationship/Phone Number
(with area code)/Best Time to Call

Veterinary Reference (Please list your current vet or the one you have used most recently. If you have never used a vet, please state so in the Name of Veterinary Hospital field.)

Name of Veterinary Hospital

Doctor's Name

Phone (Including Area Code)


City, State, Zip Code

Is this veterinarian familiar with pets you have owned?
Please list all pet's names:

May we contact the doctor as a reference?
If you answer No, please explain why:

PLEASE NOTE: At the time you adopt one of our rescue Westies, you will be asked to make a donation to Oklahoma Westie Rescue (OWR). This donation helps defray costs associated with caring for these dogs while they are with OWR. The requested adoption donation for our dogs is $300 per dog.

We do not ship our pets. Be prepared to travel to Tulsa, OK, or Oklahoma City, OK, to pick up the dog(s) in person if your application is approved.

Your signature(s) will be required on a formal Adoption Contract prior to adopting any rescue dog.

Please make sure the application is complete and you have entered your e-mail address and current phone numbers before pressing the "Submit" button below.

The information I have provided is accurate and complete. I understand that any misrepresentation of facts may result in removal of the adopted dog by Oklahoma Westie Rescue.


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